So I decided to update my site layout (hope you guys like it), but for some reason a bunch of my posts have “gone missing.”  Although this may be due to my lack of solid html skills, I’ll just call it a fresh start to the new year lol.

I recently decided to pursue some of my aspirations, and with those pursuits came a relocation. Last month I left my awesome life in DC and headed to Nashville. The East Coast is a haven for culture junkies and foodies like me, and these things are not as easily found in the South lol.  I miss DC, NY, New Haven and all my awesome folks there, but I have some great friends and family in Nashville that keep me sane!

The best part about these new endeavors is that I have lots more time to focus on writing editorials, freelancing and I even picked up my old gig at Sephora! So stay tuned for some great new articles and posts!

With Love,