“The bigger the better” — (lol just referring to my hair). I LOVE big hair but hate teasing! For years, I have been searching for the perfect solution to achieving the big hair without the messiness of teasing along with all that hairspray (ugh, it grosses me out just thinking of it).

I remember when Bump-Its came out… it was a total waste of $19.50. Then a product from Vidal Sassoon, which also did nothing for my hair. But just recently, I found a product that I am absolutely IN LOVE with! It’s a hair extension piece called Bump Up the Volume created by celebrity stylist Ken Paves. This line of hair extensions from HairDo was inspired by Jessica Simpson, who, despite how you feel about her, always has awesome hair! I was cautious to buy it because of the hefty price tag, but it was well worth the investment!

Bump Up the Volume, gives you the option to create a simple bump like Adele or go even higher like Cheryl Cole! Whatever the case, this hair piece feels like REAL hair, is heat friendly (up to 350°), and is fool proof! I first wore it to a friend’s wedding, then a few times after… to this day, no one has been able to tell the difference between my real hair and the extension. Bump Up th Volume comes in two sizes, 15″ and 21.” Even though my hair was really long, I decided on the 15″ to blend with all my layers. If you have long but thin hair, I would suggest the 21″ and definitely if you have short hair, get the shorter one. And for my friends with curly hair, it’s a great piece to add some volume to a straightened style!

The only downside to the extensions is finding the perfect color. My hair is a typical midnight brown with no highlights so it was easy to find a match, but I would call the customer service for color assistance.

HairDo has a lot of other great hair pieces, sometimes you can even find them on sale at Hautelook. Here are a few pics: