Lengthening? Volumizing? Defining? Curling? Which one to choose?

I get so many questions about the “number one” mascara, but truthfully, mascara is like a pair of shoes… not everyone can wear the same pair.

The consistency of your mascara will determine the darkness of your lashes. A great example of this is Dior Show versus the Dior Show Blackout. Both give you a glamorous look, but the Dior Show Blackout is a very wet and dark formula, giving your lashes a that dark and sultry effect. The original Dior Show is a more dry and charcoal black formula, giving your lashes lots of volume and length, but a little less definition. (go to your nearest Dior Counter and see for yourself). Both are top sellers, but I personally prefer the Blackout for a darker lash.

Remember the darker the mascara, the beter your smokey eye will turnout! Here are a few of a favorite rich black mascaras that will give you this look:

Dior Show Blackout                                               Fresh Supernova

L’Oreal Voluminous                                  Rimmel London Volume Flash

(in Blackest Black)                                              (in Extreme Black)